The Unexpected

Another year has passed, and now it’s 2017!

My Memories on Facebook showed my new year posts from way back 2009, and through the years I could see how drastically my life has changed. Well, my profession is almost the same since I work in the same industry. But on a personal level, 2015 has made the biggest change so far. It’s surreal that I actually “toasted” to it back in January 2015!

My 2015 start of year post: “A toast to a phenomenal year ahead!”


So the post was made in January and I met my husband in March. We got engaged in August, had our first out-of-town vacation in September and ended 2015 with plans to get married in 2016 🙂

So indeed, 2015 was a phenomenal year!

2016 was great and challenging at the same time. Planning a small wedding was probably easier than the traditional 100 plus guest extravaganza, but it was not without bumps. Nonetheless, we made it happen. We got married in March, on the anniversary of our first date!

Who knew in January 2015 that by March 2016 I’d be married??? It was the most unexpected thing.


So for 2017, we are going to work on our next project: Project Baby K! 🙂 Join us in our prayers!