Batanes 2015: Day 1

A post two years in the making.. I know, right? Better late than never!

My then-boyfriend/fiancé, and now husband – David, suggested we take a trip to Batanes, since I told him about how it has been a long-time dream for me to go there. Up until that time, I couldn’t find a “suitable” travel-mate to Batanes. I was actually planning to go alone before I met David that year. So I was planning to go there for my birthday in September 2015. I met David early 2015 and ended up getting engaged by August 2015! I ended up spending my birthday in Batanes – with my fiancé! (insert hearts and flowers here hehe!)

Okay, so here are 5 photos from Day 1.

We woke up early to catch our 7am flight from Manila to Basco thru Philippine Airlines. I am happy to have enough Mabuhay Miles to get a free round trip ticket (David paid for his at around PhP 13,000.00 roundtrip). there are other carriers to Batanes, but I personally recommend PAL because I have heard of other carriers cancelling trips with no definite schedule or compensation or refund.

When we arrived at Basco, we found out that tricycles are booked thru a cellphone number which we can call or text! Wow! Move over Grab and Uber, Basco has an efficient tricycle booking system! We got tricycle number 32, with kuya Severino as driver (we later booked him to tour us around Basco, as he turned out to be the brother of the housekeeper at Rapitan di Vasay)

Tricycle #32

David and I had breakfast at Rapitan di Vasay, and took a nap before we headed out. We woke up around noontime, and decided to walk around town to look for the lighthouse. We got there in a few minutes, all hot and sweaty, but the view was so beautiful – it was so worth it!

View of the capital

We roamed around Basco to find a place to eat. The town isn’t as commercialized as the other islands in the Philippines that are visited by tourists, and there are only a number of places that serve lunch. While walking around, hungry and hot, we bought some biscuits, soda and cassava cake from a sari–sari store. We chanced upon a newly-built hotel (I forgot the name, but it’s painted light green) and they served lunch! Upon asking, we also found out the hotel owner has a boat that takes passengers from Basco island to Sabang island. We were planning to go to Sabang the next day, and we asked the lady at the hotel to book us. It was just by chance, but it worked out!

We went on to walk around town, saw a police pick-up with goats at the back (we learned that Batanes has a zero crime rate, and police officers usually take stray animals that destroy properties instead). We found a restaurant at the edge of town where we decided to have dinner. I was disappointed with the lobster which cost us PhP 700.00, turned out to have two spoonfuls of meat. So lesson learned – ask the locals first!

We ended up buying snacks at the sari-sari store for midnight feedings. Hehe. End of Day 1.