The Unexpected

Another year has passed, and now it’s 2017!

My Memories on Facebook showed my new year posts from way back 2009, and through the years I could see how drastically my life has changed. Well, my profession is almost the same since I work in the same industry. But on a personal level, 2015 has made the biggest change so far. It’s surreal that I actually “toasted” to it back in January 2015!

My 2015 start of year post: “A toast to a phenomenal year ahead!”


So the post was made in January and I met my husband in March. We got engaged in August, had our first out-of-town vacation in September and ended 2015 with plans to get married in 2016 🙂

So indeed, 2015 was a phenomenal year!

2016 was great and challenging at the same time. Planning a small wedding was probably easier than the traditional 100 plus guest extravaganza, but it was not without bumps. Nonetheless, we made it happen. We got married in March, on the anniversary of our first date!

Who knew in January 2015 that by March 2016 I’d be married??? It was the most unexpected thing.


So for 2017, we are going to work on our next project: Project Baby K! 🙂 Join us in our prayers!

Worth it

“You are worthy…”
For a long time I couldn’t grasp what that phrase meant. I knew that I was loved by the people who mattered to me – family, close friends.. but I guess there came a time that I gave up on finding a lifetime partner because simply, I wasn’t worth loving for a lifetime.
I was actually imagining to be dating at age 50 just like those movie stars do. Hahaha. Assuming I have the looks and the money.

So meeting my now-husband wasn’t expected, but at the back of my mind, I have always hoped for it. At that time, I was obsessed with reading romance novels, typically the shorter ones with an average of 300 pages. Most of the leading men in the novels are dominant, almost cave-man like, possessive and passionate. Of course they were loyal, loving and they lived for their woman. Then there is always that conflict – they vary but in the end the message is always — I choose you and no one else. If I have to go through it all over again, I would, because you are worth it.

I never thought that I was already attracting MY leading man. But only a few days into the relationship, he was already talking about marriage, about proposing to me, which I evaded and tried to look for faults in. I mean who in their right mind would propose to a new girlfriend? The only thing that prevented him from proposing earlier was his financial status at that time, since he was transitioning to a new job after getting off the grid due to a personal crisis of losing his son to cancer. (That is another story, which is not mine to tell)

So yes, I dated a guy who was almost broke at that time. But I knew he was working hard and that he found a new reason to do so (yes it was me hehe haba ng hair). I am so glad to have been part of that transition in his life, and now that I look back on it, I knew I stayed because he was worth it. He still is and always will be! (and he is no longer almost broke 🙂 )

Which leads me to the realization – and he never failed to say it especially when he was convincing me to marry him — that I was worth it, and this was my time to be happy, like my friends and family who have found their happiness ( and who I envied all the time).
Yes now I accept that fact – I am worthy. And so are you.